ID# 000582


Camden City School District
1033 Cambridge Street
Camden, NJ 08105
United States
8569662000 (Main Phone)
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
Employment Type
Public School District


Job Description

A teacher in the Camden City School District will serve as a classroom leader who works to provide exceptional instruction that affords all students the opportunity to excel academically and meet grade level standards. The teacher will bring content-specific expertise to their instructional planning and delivery that equips students with the skills necessary to become informed, successful citizens in a global economy. The teacher will collaborate closely with other staff members to ensure that all students receive outstanding support and services. Through this role, the teacher will work relentlessly to increase student achievement levels by consistently setting rigorous academic and behavioral goals for students, monitoring progress towards these goals through data analysis, and adjusting course when necessary. The teacher will work to actively build positive and beneficial relationships with parents, guardians and community members in order to positively impact their students’ academic performance.


Contact Information

Camden City School District
1033 Cambridge Street
Camden NJ 08105
United States
8569662000Main Phone