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Jobs for:
Teachers ~ Counselors ~ Administrators ~ Therapists ~ Nurses ~ Support Staff
PK-12 ~ College/University ~ Adult Career & Technical Schools
e-Documents (10 Documents)


  • Résumé
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of Reference
  • Copies of Certifications
  • Samples of Projects
  • Portfolio Materials


Slideshow (10 Images)
Digital Photographs of:
  • You in action
  • Projects that you have created
  • Bulletin Boards

Video (10)

Embed up to 10 video files from any 3rd party video hosting service including:

  • Personal Introduction
  • Personal Philosophy of Education
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Responses to Our General Screening Questions
  • Special Projects or Events
  • PowerPoint Movie*
  • Sample and Mock Lessons** (do not include students)
It is recommended to limit each video to no more than 2-3 minutes.

 Camera Shy?*

That is OK, you can convert a dynamic PowerPoint presentation 
(with or without sound or narration) that showcases your talents to Movie format and embed the PowerPoint Movie from a 3rd party hosting service. 
Job Seekers have total control of video content.
e-Portfolios are the 21st century equivalent of high quality résumé paper for 20th century educators. What better tool exists than digital video and portfolios in a profession that is driven by skill and performance? Don't sit and wait on the wrong side of the digital divide for your dream job to arrive. Showcase your talents and impress prospective employers with an 
Digital Video R
ésumé and Portfolio 
 **Do not include students' images/voices/full names/likenesses in videos. Video frame should be of candidate only. EdJobSpot, LLC is not responsible for video lessons that violate student privacy rights.  Any account that is reported to violate student privacy rights will de disabled pending the removal of the questionable content. 
1) Why did you choose to pursue a career in education?
2) What is your personal philosophy of education? 
3) Describe the most gratifying moment you have experienced in education thus far, and how that moment has impacted your personal life.
4) Do you have any special talents, abilities, or interests that are not listed on your résumé that you would like to share?
5) How would a professional colleague describe you in only three words, and why?
* does not charge Job Seekers. is not responsible for 3rd party video hosting subscriptions. 
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